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I've been told that I have terrible taste in things by friends, family and so on. That doesn't bother me very much considering I feel better just enjoying myself, crazy as it seems.

That said, I enjoyed Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric even in its unfinished, unpolished, glitch ridden state. It's definitely an experience that's for sure. (I haven't played Shattered Crystal yet.)

These are just some spoiler-free thoughts.

Should it have been released as it was? ... Nah, not really.

There's more evidence here that there was so much left out and dropped during development compared to 06, which as bad as it was, had a more clear direction upon release. From the looks of things, what was released was about all that they were confident in functioning well enough in the final build. I'd probably guess there's at least a good... 3rd of the game that wasn't there.

There's a relative amount of story missing that's for sure, especially considering there was supposed to be some sort of origins thing along with potentially more time-travel. Remnants are there but...yeah, if you didn't keep up on any news or trailers, etc. I can see where people wouldn't realize it was supposed to be an AU spin-off. They're just off on another adventure with a different look. thing I noticed that I'm wondering. Two developers worked on this game, Big Red Button and Illfonic. According to the credits, BRB had a lot more numbers than Illfonic. However, I honestly wonder what parts Illfonic  had a hand in. The company itself has only released one game so far on its own called Nexuiz and are currently developing a sandbox MMORPG under the title Revival. Under their Revival site they also state that they've worked with other studios on multi-platform games. This is all I've found so far as far as released games go. (And so far the only source to have Rise of Lyric under their development credit.) They're also known with being relatively fluent in the CryEngine.

This is just an odd thought, but for what was released,  it's almost as if the game was lost or compromised too far into development and all that was left was an earlier build. Just going based on some of the earlier screenshots, there's a lot of missing assets of what was supposed to be something more. It's not even a matter of questioning the Wii U as it's been proven that it's more capable than what was offered.

I don't think the developers even wanted to release the game like, but were pushed to do so. Whatever happened though, and this is the remaining product.


So what else?

Knuckles in my favorite thing in all this. Bless you Travis Willingham for giving your voice.

Glitches? I didn't encounter too many that broke the flow of the game for me. However having seen the videos getting posted around, I completely understand the frustrations founded.

Some of them are hilarious though (to me anyway), including but not limited to:
- Walking on water. (Is actually very helpful.)
- Characters getting stuck on infinite damage sounding like a laser warzone. I laughed when this happened and found out it can happen time and time again. This usually happens with Amy and Tails in tow.
- Making characters disappear, leaving just whomever you control. So far I've only been able to do this in the hub area on one of the speed paths. This happens after the above PEW-PEW at the end of the run. They respawn later though.

I completed the story and so far have about 14 hours in it with 75% completion. I didn't find it all that difficult really, aside from maybe one or two deaths by robot hordes, a couple level-specific modes and me slipping up on some falls.

Is it Sonic 06 bad? ...I wouldn't put it on the same level. It shares some of the same problems, but 06 had a lot more work gone into the released build than Boom that's for sure. Unfortunately, there's just too many bad things going for it that people can't just over look.

If there's any future games in the Boom series, I only hope it's a lot more complete and stable if it's going to survive past the show.

:shrug: As I said in the beginning, I enjoyed it, and still do, despite its many downfalls.


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