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Normally I don't do tagged journals... but I haven't been tagged in forever so on to it!

Tagged by Safyran

Rules: Choose one of your characters and add in a picture of the character above the facts.

:star:(Ella Coolei added!)

Character #1: Sydney Greene

(...What, who else did you think I'd do?)

Quick note: Her story for the Sonic-verse has changed over the years. This is about as current as two-three years ago give or take, things I'm for sure about at least lol.

1) A canis mutt.

2) Despite her name, she wasn't born green. Events played out that turned her green, and despises the majority of puns regarding her color.

3) She was adopted after her birth parents were supposedly killed by their addictions.

4) Her red rings are the source of her fire powers. Take them away and the only thing she can burn with are her words...and whatever she can get her hands on.

5) Unfortunately every time she tries to take them off, they burn her like hot irons. She has visible scars on her wrists from this.

6) Flames come only from her hands, mouth, nose, and any open cuts or tears on her skin.

7) Fire burns her like any one else, unless it was fire that she emitted herself.

8) She learns to fly by propelling herself with her flames from her hands. Due to needing to keep a constant flow of energy, she can't use her flames for anything else when in flight.

9) The Chaos Emeralds drain both her powers and her physical energy if she gets too close. If she happens to touch one, the emerald has a tendency to shock her and release a short range, yet very acute, shock wave of energy.

10) She has a few misdemeanors under her belt. While she eventually cleaned up her act (for the most part), she's still working on paying off the fines.


Character #2: Dr. Hans Skinner
Dr. Hans Skinner by BlazeTBW

1) At a young age, he started his curiosity for dead things by collecting bones or road kill carcases.
2) His first taxidermy project was from road kill. He made it a marionette.
3) He owns a growing collection of mutated body parts, as long as it can fit in jar.
4) Instead of using John and/or Jane Doe, he likes to create nicknames to help him remember the cases better.
5) He is rarely seen without wearing some kind of protective or disposable gloves.
6) His antennae will maneuver as active eyebrows at times.
7) Gallows humor is his choice of comedy, more gallows than humor.
8) When sitting at any bench, he often gets mistaken for a left over Halloween prop for sitting so still.
9) Despite his practice, he is a certified medical practitioner.
10) For his own moral reasons, he will never obtain or accept parts for his collection or for others outside of his job without consent from the original owner.


Character #3: Kira Pumadyne
 Kira Pumadyne 2014 ref by BlazeTBW

1) Her favorite types of rocks and/or minerals to collect are Calcites and Agate.
2) She has a HUGE fear of deep water. (She's fine in a pool, any deeper and she will cling to dry land for dear life.)
3) Despite the above, she has little regard for heights.
4) She likes feeding the birds, but ends up dispersing them with a sneeze.
5) Her favorite meal is a good omelet with meat and potatoes inside.
6) Every room in her home has its own display of rocks.
7) She used to rock-climb barefoot. That changed after getting her feet cut too many times.
8) When free climbing, she'll use her tail like a safety hook where she can.
9) She competes annually to be one of the top rock climbers of the world.
10) Fruit tarts are her main weakness/indulgence.

Character #4: Ella Coolei

Ella Coolei 2014 ref by BlazeTBW
1) Born and raised by the sea, she comes from a family with a long line of successful deep-sea fishermen.
2) She is also the runt of the family.
3) From a young age, like the rest of the family, she practiced free-diving, mostly for survival if swept under out in open water.
4) Not too long after she became of age, she got in a underwater fit with a sailfish. While she won, she sustained multiple injuries, the most taxing being a severe puncture wound in her side.
5) During her recovery, she took up carving.
6) A late uncle would be responsible for her affinity for turquoise, whom would bring her raw stones, feeling they had healing properties.
7) Upon a full recovery, she and some of her closest friends set up on trip around the world by boat. Not too long after, there would be a rescue, and she would be the only one to return home.
8) Later on she attempted another world trip, though in safer conditions. During her travels, she started collecting various blades of all sizes and shapes as souvenirs.
9) She would also get educated in regard to their proper uses, as well as how to care for the edges of the blades to maintain their edge.
10) Along her travels, she met with an anonymous nomad. They had shown her that with an edge sharpened very well, the air within the atmosphere can be separated for a moment in time. The energy from the air re-purposing behind the blade can cause physical damage, or at the very least a very paralyzing sensation. This technique would become a signature move of hers over time.

That's all for now~ However I'm up for telling more facts of other characters too if you're interested. :) Even the few non-Sonic ones I have.

Feel free to do this yourself if you like~


United States


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