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July 15, 2012
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Sonic Boom 2012 - Mecha Edition by BlazeTBW Sonic Boom 2012 - Mecha Edition by BlazeTBW
UPDATE 3: This is what happened to the costume after the event. >>>


Updating photos and stuff here:

UPDATE: I will post links to the event when they're available! ...OR when I get them, which ever I find/obtain first. (But first some sleep.)

Also known as my 15 minutes of shame for the year...well this part of the year anyway. (There's still the rest of the year.)

Year number two for Sonic Boom! Those of you who have been tuning in have seen some of my progress on my Mecha Sonic cosplay. (Despite people kept calling me Metal, I didn't care because they're...damn near the same thing anyway ^^; didn't want to be too picky about it.)

Also some how people couldn't initially tell I was a girl at first. ...Which was lolz to me, but understandable considering it was so dark. But I was going for that because the last thing I wanted to do was bring attention to my backside...hence the shorts.

FYI- I did not take these pictures myself, but they were with my camera (first image was ripped from the facebook page just to show the minimum of what was there).


People whom I had the pleasure of meeting in the flesh:

- The awesome :iconchemb0t: whom had introduced me to the just as amazing :iconairlight: (and another friend of theirs of which their name escapes me because by then I had probably lost most of my hearing).
- :iconmikeblastdude: (and friend that I don't remember the naaaaame... if I heard it)
- :iconcytochrom: (Finally update with your correct and current username! ...|D thanks for catching up lol)

To name a few... @~@ I'm so sorry if I met you and I forgot your name/username/etc. There were so many people and I was just trying not to pass out. (Which I didn't because the CO2 had room to move. But a couple well needed breaks were necessary.)

Even more of a shock to me was that (of the few times I took my head off) people remembered me dressing up as Blaze the Cat from the first year of Sonic Boom! (Last year...which I DID have a picture in my gallery but then deleted it and will probably repost in the future...maybe.)

As a fan, I had fun. Very shameful fun. So shameful I...almost felt guilty. (Give it some time.)

Food was alright, especially for all-you-can eat & drink. I survived lol. I don't drink (by choice) and ended up giving away my drink tickets (you got your first two drinks free).

It was amazing cool in there...unless you were by a crowd of bodies. (But hey, you expect that at any event where there's a fair amount of hundreds anyway.)

The concert was pretty neat, my heart near flipped with I heard that Big Arms remix from Generations 3DS from that guitar (ei. the same theme that plays for Mecha in Sonic 3 & Knuckles). Freakin' sweet.


I... ^^; unfortunately didn't get the chance to play the game demo. I had no time, plus it took me like...5 literal minutes to get my butt up and down the stairs because of my feet. (And there weren't any game stations on the lower level and thus where I stayed until the end of the event...tried to anyway.) But hell it looked great and so far looked like it was handling just as great too. (That and I enjoyed the first game.)

I didn't get a chance to get any autographs either- @ -@ stuck taking pictures still... (But I did see Senoue and Iizuka through the stairwell and they came to congratulate me once more which was nice of them~ ...didn't have any of my stuff on me for them to sign but ah well lol.)

The people were great, I had fun and it was nice to see people's faces for a change that I never had a face to put towards... it was surreal really. If I had the income to support it, I'd go to move events across the country! (I'm talking game, anime, etc- not just Sonic...but I still like Sonic lol.)

It was fun to hear at least one of my questions asked at the Q & A (word for word that is). ...|D Of course no one knew it was mine but me though lol.

I enjoyed the announcements and the Wreck-it-Ralph stuff too. Even if for some reason the movie bombs, I'll go see it to play some serious iSpy.


You want me to be dead honest? ... < .<; I did not expect first. Seriously.

Here are my main reason why:
- The costume wasn't completed. I'd probably say that was about... 75% constructed at the time it was brought down.

Stuff I wanted to do but didn't because of health concerns/time (mostly time):
- Back piece with shaped jet blaster/engine/turbine/etc. (mostly to time, but when I felt how hot I was with there there was was good for my health too)
- LEDs in the visor and jet engine (I wouldn't have been able to see if the visor had all, safety first~)
- Mock pelvis (basically to make the transition smoother from torso to hips...again no time)
- A better face plate thing... (it did not want to stay in place despite wanting it to be removable for air, food and drink...which it was, but it just didn't get back into place right)
- A fan (lack of time to help the head breath better despite the airways hidden)

...But apparently the reception was grand. Aside from the Crush-40 & Cash-Cash concert, that's mostly what my night was. Every good...5-10 minutes or less it'd be:

"Hey can I take your picture?"
"Hey can I take a picture with you?"
"Hey- LISTEN!" (Actually not this one, but couldn't resist. ...Although I did see a Link at the place I checked into...)

Senoue and Iizuka seemed to enjoy it, as did everyone near everyone else there. That's plenty enough for me~

...:iconotlplz: What the hell am I going to do for next year?!

And enjoy~

WIP images:
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TaniciusFox Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013
Ah! I remember seeing you there, it was fantastic!

How long did it take you to remember the Japanese line you spoke? I recall that added some bonus points on top of the wonderful design!
BlazeTBW Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013
|D Actually I just pulled that from where the sun don't shine lol. That's a little bit of the language I remember from taking classes from forever ago.
TaniciusFox Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013
Well, it certainly sounded perfect either way! Your 1st place was already pretty secure but that nailed it. Congratulations! :)
Olive-Owl Featured By Owner May 9, 2013  Student Filmographer
This Mecha Sonic suit is seriously wicked. :D

Even though the costume wasn't completed according to the points you've written out, I personally believe if others enjoy your cosplay and are happy in your company, then you've done it well. Congrats on winning first place!

In terms of materials, what did you use for the visor? I assume you're not walking around blind with that thing covering your eyes. Is it one-way reflective plastic?
BlazeTBW Featured By Owner May 9, 2013
|D I know...I try to keep that mindset, but I can't help but be nitpicky lol. But it was well received which made me forget how much I couldn't get done on it. (Although I liked it for about 3 months, which is a record for me lol.)

This year's gonna be much better though. :evillaugh:

And on the visor, it's much simpler than that lol. It's a cut piece of clear acetate, and behind that is what's called "buckram" which is a cloth-mesh that is usually used for interfacing. Cut a piece of that, color the front and back as shown with makers and blending- I could see out, but no one could see in~

Although I tried to make it light up, but the combination of things made me unable to see out when the light was on. /D; So I chose against that... but if I try something like that again in the future, I'm looking into other alternatives to see if I can get a better effect going. |D If I can afford it of course lol.
wildabeast73 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
And a sonic hat.
wildabeast73 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
I was there. I was tall and was sweating....I confess. I had a formal jacket on which made it worse.
BlazeTBW Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
^^; Well, did ya have fun at least?
wildabeast73 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
I tried. And I did. I'm happy for ya. It was my first Sonic event, as I was disappointed in myself for not knowing of it before. And it was near me.
BlazeTBW Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
Well, it was only the second one this time around. I'm still waiting for them to announced this year's! It's hard to plan these last minute things when you don't live so close lol.

:) But glad ya had a decent time if anything~
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